Name Jim Leatherman
Number 20
Position Defense
Hometown Glen Arm, ML
Rookie Year  
Play/ Played for  
Other sports  




Jim Leatherman, age-47, Glen Arm MD (jkleath@comcast.net)

Mr. Leatherman started life as a double above knee amputee as a result of a 1966 Train accident.

Continuing over the past 33 years Jim has been actively involved in a wide verity of disabled sports.

He had had the good fortune to represent his country on several Paralympic teams and many

National teams, wining numerous medals; all this while participating in various sports disciplines. Jim

was introduced to Sled Hockey five years ago and immediately fell in love with the sport. In 2003 he

was selected to the US Sled Hockey Team and was a member of the US Gold Medal Team that won

the German Invitational Tournament. in 2004, working closely with Mike Doyle, Jim co-founded the

PA Center-Pedes. Since this time, the team has accomplished many goals and achievements;

culminating in winning the first Prudential North East Sled Hockey League Dryden Cup during the

2005/2006 season. He was fortunate enough to be one of the original alternate captains. Jim is most

proud of being able to mentor the young/talented members of the Bugs, most of whom eventually

become members of the Under-20, US National Sled and other elite teams.